Hi, i'm Charlotte AKA Cholley (Shhhhholley). I am a Motion Graphic Designer and Designer. 
So in a nutshell, i'm a creative type who loves all things motion graphics, typography, design, keeping fit, the family pets and an ex-kickboxing champion. 
My main animation bag is creative and After Effects, which when combined with my awesome design knowledge is a killer combination. Having a background in both means i'm flexible with my skills and am very comfortable with coming up with the ideas and storyboarding, right through to the making. Basically I can give it the complete package.
My design adventure began doing a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design New Media at Epsom UCA. Then on to the Masters Degree train in Animation at Farnham UCA. It was here that I really pushed myself to the limits and decided to make a traditional animation piece.
After doing my masters I was blooming exhausted so I went on holiday for a year to Australia and South East Asia.
I came back fresh as a daisy and raring to get on the work bandwagon.
I was lucky enough to be hired by VCCP as a digital designer. I worked with this lovely lot for just over two and half years when I decided I wanted to push more in my motion graphics and went on to work for WCRS as a Motion Graphic Designer.
Being there for nearly three years I decided  I wanted to mix things up. So, I took a massive leap and become freelance and I LOVE IT!
Over the years I have been fortunate enough win some awards and work for a shed loads of brands such as O2, BBC, John Lewis, Warner Bros, Nike, Santander, Royal Navy, Aviva, Sky, Warburtons, King, Aggreko, Boots, Microsoft, EasyJet to name a few.
If you'd like to chat and discuss anything please feel free to drop me an email or a call :)
Charlotte x

Email: charlotte@charlotteolley.com
Mob: 07841754905
Thank you!
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